India’s first insurance premium financing enabler

Simplified premium financing process that not only gets you the optimal insurance cover value for your insurance, but also gets everything done in a few clicks.

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What is premium financing?

Insurance Premium Financing is a practice in which a lender provides funds to an individual to pay for their insurance premiums. The borrower then repays the lender, typically with interest, over a specified period of time.


Enhanced Opportunity with Every Prospect

Easy tracking of customer repayment allows you to communicate with the customer at all the right touchpoints during their journey.

Get in touch, remind them of their payments, collect their documents, upsell additional products and policies, all through one central dashboard.

Periodic reminders and payments to ensure that your customers don’t default, leading to longer retention and larger bonuses for you.

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Manage your

Customers Directly

A unique CRM tool to interact with your customers. Directly manage your customers in the robust, all inclusive dashboard.

InsurFin eases the insurance buying process by arranging easy credit and loan approval cycles for all life and health insurance related needs.

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Completely Digital

with Quick Approvals

No additional documents needed from the customer. All credit evaluations done on your insurance premium value and credit score.

With approvals taking less than 15 working days, direct credit of funds to the insurance company and ensure quick issuance of policy, with at a glance view of all your customers, at one central place.

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Seamless Processes

and Customer Tracking

Completely transparent process with end-to-end visibility of your customer’s entire premium journey.

Periodic reminders and payment tracking to ensure all dues go out on time, and customer stays solvent while maintaining a good credit score.

All of this in a completely automated dashboard view for all your clients.

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Simplifying the premium financing journey for insurance customers as well

Premium financing doesn’t need to be complicated.

Here’s how InsurFin makes it as easy as downloading an app and letting it take care of the rest.


Choose the right insurance coverage

The right insurance policy provides financial security for your family, ensuring their well-being even in your absence. Peace of mind guaranteed.

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Apply for premium insurance financing

You can choose the ideal insurance coverage based on your financial and social status, without worrying about arranging premium payments.

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Get quick approvals for the premium finance

Easily finance your insurance premium through our app. Simply provide details and upload documents to quickly secure a loan.

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Ensure protection to self and family

Live without the burden of guilt, knowing your family is protected even in your absence. Secure their future with peace of mind.

Insurance premiums biting your wallet?

Spread your premium payments over a period of time, through easy, hassle free EMIs.

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Here’s how customers are leveraging InsurFin and using it to stay on top of their policies, on time.

Here’s how customers are

leveraging InsurFin and using

it to stay on top of their

policies, on time.

We’re live!
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Higher risk covers
than normal

As a customer, you can buy higher risk covers without being bothered about your current financial or liquidity positions.

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Stay in the loop of your
entire premium journey

Stay in loop during the entire loan approval journey. You don’t need to spend days chasing your advisors for tiny updates.

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Hassle-free process
and documentation

No additional documents required. All your credit evaluation is done based on the original insurance documents.

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Quick approvals
and credit

We don’t take months processing your premiums. All our approvals are done in less than 30 days.

We're Insurfin and we’re

reimagining premium financing

We're Insurfin and we’re reimagining premium financing

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Insurfin is revolutionizing the

insurance business ecosystem

Insurfin is revolutionizing the insurance business ecosystem with its innovative approach. As insurance providers, we strive to offer the best solutions to our clients' needs. However, we understand that the upfront cost can be a challenge for some clients, leading to compromised insurance coverage. With Insurfin, we can now provide clients with optimal solutions while ensuring their cash flow remains intact.

sunil dsouza image

Sunil Dsouza

Consulting Life Insurance Associate, 15+ yoe
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A game-changing idea for the

insurance industry

Insurance Premium Financing (IPF) is a game-changing idea for the insurance industry. In countries like India, where comprehensive coverage can be unaffordable, IPF offers a solution. Policyholders can buy insurance without depleting their investments or liquidity. This benefits brokers by shortening the sales cycle, while insurance companies gain from increased sales and revenue. IPF also strengthens society by providing greater protection to families and making them more resilient.

praveen rk image

Praveen RK

Founder, Prowin Finserve
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Improving efficiency and,

ensuring financial security

"The increasing healthcare costs and their effect on insurance premiums add financial pressure for individuals. Balancing coverage and affordable premiums is a constant struggle. A hospitalization or death can devastate a family's finances. Premium financing offers a viable solution, supporting individuals to maintain desired coverage promptly. Streamlining benefits advisors, improving efficiency, and ensuring financial security."

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A S Vijay Kumar

Financial Planner

Insurfin by the numbers We’re just getting started

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Technology Specialist

Dr. Chaitali Diwan

A PHD in Data Science from IIIT Bangalore with interests in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Has over a decade of software development experience.

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chittaranjan savadi image


Chittaranjan Savadi

A seasoned Senior management professional with over 20 years of experience largely in Insurance industry.  Has worked closely with Sales team across regions, hierarchy to develop a comprehensive sales strategy to maximize revenue and market share. Has worked in companies like Axis Bank, ICICI Lombard and Pramerica Life

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sambith rath image

Co-Founder and CTO

Sambith Rath

2nd-time entrepreneur and senior leader with 25+ years of experience in Platform Architecture, Enterprise Systems, and Cloud Computing, including over 15 years of expertise in the dynamic FinTech industry.

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Who we are?

A couple of insurance enthusiasts, with the passion to enable increase the insurance spread in India. Our experience in Distribution and close interaction with many distributors has helped us come up with innovative offerings to make life simple for the insurance associate. An unique SaaS solution for premium financing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) keeping the associate in the fore-front of the process.

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Build the future.
Join our team

At Insurfin, we’re not only changing insurance premium financing but are building it from the ground up. Be a part of this wonderful journey together and build the new India.

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Insurance premiums biting your wallet?

Spread your premium payments over a period of time, through easy, hassle free EMIs.

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